Complete Engine Gasket Set for 4x4 Cosworth engines



Victor Reinz/Cosworth YB0611 Group A Head Gasket

Victor Reinz Head Bolts

Fibre Rocker Gasket with 1/2 moons

Cam Seals

Cam 'O' Rings

Thermostat Housing Seal

Stem Seals

Exhaust Manifold Gaskets

High Performance Inlet Manifold Gasket Set

High Performance ECT Gasket

High Performance Oil Return Gasket

High Performance Water Pump Gasket

High Performance Front Cover Gasket

Victor Reinz Front Crank Seal & Auxiliary Seal

Victor Reinz Rear Crank Seal

4x4 Oil Pump Gasket

Victor Reinz Sump Sealant

Sump Seals with correct red rear seal

Sump Plug Washer



4x4 Engine Gasket Set with Group A Head Gasket